About Larson Insurance Group

Headquartered in Dunedin, FL, Larson Insurance Group is an employee benefit advisory firm serving both individuals and employers.

Our team of affiliates includes employee benefit, retirement, communication, and enrollment professionals possessing valuable experience gained from previous employment with industry leading providers. By having a clear understanding of how providers operate from the "inside", we are able to create increased efficiencies and cost savings for our customers. With Larson Insurance Group, you can be sure that you'll work with experts in a particular area, not insurance salespeople who try to be all things to all clients.

Our mission is to listen to our clients needs and deliver strategies to help them become more successful. We accomplish this by providing our clients with effective yet practical solutions that improve benefit communications, simplify enrollment processes, enhance product value, and uncover hidden savings.

Through our consultative and personalized approach, we strive to:

  • Understand each client's unique benefit-related problems and needs
  • Assess and recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions
  • Execute and manage the solutions in a way that saves our clients' time and money

True understanding of a client's objectives requires building a solid relationship based on personal trust, individualized attention, quality communication and utmost confidentiality. Larson Insurance Group relies on a team of professionals with strong technical expertise, extensive experience and deep personal integrity. Additionally, by limiting the number of client relationships, Larson Insurance Group is able to ensure that proper attention is devoted to each customer.

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