Communication Services

You've made a significant investment in providing a comprehensive benefits package to your employees and their families. But do your employees truly understand and appreciate the value of those benefits?

A strong communication effort is the key to maximizing your investment in employee benefits. Let us help you design and implement a customized communication program that will improve employee morale, satisfaction and retention.

Larson Insurance Group can help you develop a communication plan that reflects the needs, strategies, and culture of your company. We start by looking at the present state of your communication program and materials - what is successful and what isn't. We then identify your needs and help you define a communication strategy using multiple print and electronic media.

Our affiliate team designs, writes, and produces each project from inception through its final stages and delivery to you. The end result is that your employees receive creative, state-of-the-art, technically accurate, and complete communications that clearly convey your message in your style.

Available communication services include:

  • Communications consulting, including strategic benefit plan development
  • Benefits enrollment guides and highlights brochures
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Employee handbooks
  • Website based benefits and human resources publications
  • Wellness newsletters
  • Video Presentations
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Personalized total compensation statements
  • Employee surveys and focus groups

The above communication services can be provided at a significantly reduced cost - sometimes even at no cost - when you offer business products to your employees through Larson Insurance Group.

Please read about our business product offerings to learn more.