Enrollment Services

Benefits enrollment is a very time-consuming, resource-intensive process for employers every year. But you don't have to do all the work yourself.

By enlisting the help of expert resources and/or Internet-based benefits technology, you can streamline enrollment processes while keeping your administrative burden and costs to a minimum. Let us help you create a custom-designed enrollment program that will make the lives of both your employees and your HR staff easier during open enrollment and throughout the year.

Larson Insurance Group offers a variety of enrollment formats through it's affiliation with several "best in class" national enrollment companies. These formats include personal, Internet-based and paper-based services. We can provide these services separately, or as part of a combined, multi-format solution.

Personal enrollment services

  • One-to-one, in person enrollment sessions with licensed "non-commissioned" benefit counselors to guide employees through the election process
  • Enrollment call center staffed by professional customer service representatives to answer employee questions and process elections over the phone

Internet-based enrollment services

  • Employee self-service enrollment via a secure, customized website accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (assisted online enrollment available with "non-commissioned" counselors)
  • Automated, online administration of enrollment transactions to streamline processes and improve data integrity

Paper-based enrollment services

  • Development and fulfillment of employee-specific enrollment forms
  • Data entry and processing of enrollment forms

The above enrollment services can be provided at a significantly reduced cost - sometimes even at no cost - when you offer business products to your employees through Larson Insurance Group.

Please read about our business product offerings to learn more.