It's the internet age, and like most companies you're probably overwhelmed with advice from all the "experts"! The problem is, how do you determine which technology solution is the right investment for your organization.

Larson Insurance Group offers technology consultation services, recommending the most cost-effective systems or providing strategies to increase utilization of existing systems.

During the technology consultation process, we consider our clients' existing HR systems, hardware, HR/IT resources, budget, locations, employee languages and literacy. By understanding your current environment, we will assess and quantify the technology needed to streamline HR administration in meaningful ways.

Larson Insurance Group will maximize your company's technology investments by increasing efficiencies in those administrative areas that have the largest influence. In most cases, the technology solutions that have the greatest impact on the budget are the ones that affect the most people the most often-like shaving a few dollars off the transaction that is performed 1,000 times per month.

Our technology expertise and resources include:

  • Online enrollment with call center and telephonic enrollment support
  • Online administration and billing reconciliation
  • Online claim reporting
  • Online documents
  • Corporate benefit web sites

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